Thursday, 24 May 2018

PMP Certification celebration at Education Edge Continues

2018 at Education Edge started with folks writing PMP Exam in groups. The first 4 in the year were Vindy, Jaskaran, Jigar and Wilson. We have not looked back since then and as of today at Education Edge Canada 84 folks are already PMP Certified. A great record and we thank and congratulate all our course participants for their successful pursuit of the goal. For those folks who are a part of our sprint, please stay focused and motivated. Let’s keep the momentum going, let’s keep celebrating.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Education Edge Canada - transformational force

Education Edge continues to be the transformational force in Program Management (PgMP), Project Management (PMP), BUSINESS Analysis ( CBAP & PMI-BA) and Quality Assurance. Our success is solely attributed to the accountability and character we demonstrate along with our knowledge and expertise delivered with consistency. We are the front runners because we have remained client focused      and provided advice over product pushing. We thank all our course participants for their continuous support. 

Monday, 21 May 2018


We inaugurate our fifth office and continue on the phenomenal growth path. My mother has played an important role in my growth and success. I was born in a poor but VALUE RICH family. 

My parents due to lack of access could not complete their schooling  but they invested in our education as they believed Education is transformational and brings changes that create positive impact. Education is the bridge and the means to create true equality. 

One of my reason for existence and mission is to provide access to education to everyone. I want to invest into education In Asia and Africa. DAVID ODIGIE, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, RMP, P3O, PMO CP, CBAP, CSM, Hemant Dhariyal, Rachel Sidhu and Dev are working towards creating such an organization where we can provide this basic access to all. Elevation thru Education is our attempt at providing that platform. We do not seek donations to accomplish our mission. We want to do this ourselves thru our organization and our

Sunday, 20 May 2018

PGMP course

PgMP class at Education Edge. PGMP Course provides framework and best practices in Program Management.

Friday, 18 May 2018

We are always listening to our course participants

We are good at what we do because we are listening to our course participants. Continuously improving and improvising to address the needs of our clients. VIDEO from our PMP Certification Course running now at Education Edge Canada.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

PgMP Certification

PgMP Certification or PMI Program Management Certification is the next step to move from Tactical to strategic direction in one’s Career. 40 hours PgMP Exam Prep course.

PgMP Training - 40 hour PDU

PgMP Exam Prep 100% Pass rate or Money Back

PgMP Certification Course and help in application 

  1. Project Management Context and Concepts

Programs vs. projects vs. portfolios

Benefit management

Stakeholder management

“The Standard for Program Management” overview

The five process groups and the nine knowledge areas

2. The Program Management Life Cycle

Program life cycle vs program management process

Phase 1: Program initiation

Establishing program direction

Defining the program scope and charter

Defining accountability, roles, and responsibilities

Differentiating between program and project resources

Establishing governance, tools, finance, and reporting

Identifying success criteria

Phase 2: Program planning

Interface and transition planning

Planning program scope, schedule, cost, resources, and quality

Planning program communication, risk, and procurement

Integrating constituent project plans

Determining program deliverables and tasks

Phase 3: Program execution

Acquiring and developing the program team

Performing quality assurance and information distribution

Consolidating project and program data

Monitoring program performance

Chartering constituent projects

Assigning project managers and allocating resources

Establishing consistent project standards

Phase 4: Program monitoring and control

Controlling program risks, issues, communication, and contracts

Measuring benefits realization

Forecasting simulated program outcomes

Managing program-level issues

Applying the change management plan

Phase 5: Program closure

Closing components and contracts

Comparing actual and planned quality, cost, and schedule values

Executing the transition plan

Initiating a benefits-realization measurement

Releasing resources

Reporting lessons learned

3. Application and Eligibility Requirements

PgMP Exam Course Program Management Certification with Education Edge with money back guarantee

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Monday, 14 May 2018

Leadership and Committment

Great leadership is authentic, logical and most importantly shows empathy. When these traits are demonstrated trust is formed, and it is the trust that increases people’s commitment towards goals set by leadership. This is when the outstanding results get delivered. 

Hemant Dhariyal, #leadership 

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Importance of Communication

Communication is a critical link between people and information (not data). A great  leader uses this understanding well and communicates based on the needs of there stakeholders. They are at ease while communicating with the top leadership as equally comfortable communication with end users, clients or any other entity. Effective and assertive communication are a must.

Friday, 11 May 2018

PMP Certification

PMP Project Management Certification Exam PMP Exam Prep PMI REP at Mississauga, Toronto, GTA 

Prepare and pass the globally accredited PMP exam with our comprehensive Project Management Institute® approved training. Education Edge is a Global PMI Registered Education Provider

  • 4 Day instructor-led training in Toronto
  • Earn The 35 Contact Hour Certificate
  • 98.9% Success Rate^
  • 30-Day instructor helpline post training.
  • 1-year access to online self-learning materials.
  • 3 Simulated PMP exams.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Happiness Unlimited

HAPPINESS UNLIMITED IS AN OUTCOME OF following a Passion or Dream. There are times when we live our entire lives and still do not know what we are passionate about. Self assessment and discovery along with understanding of what is exhilarating and debilitating to us is one of the ways of understanding what we may be passionate about.

Greatest inventions came from folks who just did not hope that one fine day their passion or dream will turn into reality, action and deliberate effort was required to realize their dreams. 

Dream big, ACTION IT!!

Hemant Dhariyal, Educating to Deliver Excellence.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Education Edge - our portfolio

Education Edge is number one institute in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto for PMP, Business Analysis and QA training. We are also leading providers of PgMP training. Our success rate in training has been 100% whether it is Project Management Certification, PMP Training, PMP Courses or PMP Certification course. We take full accountability and provide BA, CBAP Jobs along with ISTQB Certification and QA Jobs.

Our success rate in training has been 100% whether it is Project Management Certification, PMP Training, PMP Courses or PMP Certification course. We take full accountability and provide BA, CBAP Jobs along with ISTQB Certification and QA Jobs.

We are top rated in Mississauga, Toronto, GTA and Brampton.

Call us or visit Education Edge at

Call us or visit Education Edge at - 

See more at 

Business Analysis BA Training in Mississauga and Toronto

The best Business Analysis and BA Training in Mississauga and Toronto. We are located in Mississauga and provide job oriented Business Analysis Training.

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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Change management

Projects bring changes and to reduce resistance towards change, organizational readiness assessment should be performed as early as possible on the projects. Changes managed properly would lead to seamless adoption of product, services and results. Two way feedback is critical in change management.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

PGMP certification

Program Management aligns outcomes with organizational strategy. The continuous alignment is achieved by making reference to the vision. As Program Managers we must ensure alignment with organizational goals and benefit delivery as per the Program Charter or Program Business Case. 

PgMP Certification provides the framework and knowledge base if your goal is to move from being tactical to strategic. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Business Analysis and finding work

By:Hemant Dhariyal

Finding work and transitioning into Business Analysis role is a journey or should I say a process which requires the right and consistent preparation, motivation, confidence gained from knowledge and belief in your heart that "Yes I can". When these qualities intersect, it is at this stage, you gain the quality to deliver and demonstrate the right knowledge.

Stay confident, understand that BABOK is the authoritative source of knowledge and do not leave any stone unturned towards practicing the concepts of this standard. Success will soon be yours. Try being the best, the goal should not be money, trust me, money will come if learning is done the right way. The goal is to achieve the state of self actualization which only comes with expertise. Be the Experts, there will be no fear, just enjoyment at every stage in your career.

Knowledge has no form and when we learn well, we manage to give a form to the formless. Education must lead to opening our minds towards new possibilities, mutual respect, personal growth and most importantly sensitivity towards issues and social causes. Education is true enablement.

Hemant Dhariyal - PgMP, PMP, CBAP, ITIL, Project+, ITSM, CTT, Scrum Master, Agile Certified, Certified Product Owner

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Agile or Waterfall - explained

Agile or Waterfall - PMP Exam Prep, Hemant Dhariyal speaks to 30 PMP Certification Course participants on Agile or Waterfall approach. PMBOK 6 introduces Agile as an approach to Project Management.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

PMP Prep Course

Another houseful PMP Certification Prep Course starts April 28. We welcome all the 30 PMP Course participants to Education Edge Canada. Looking forward to another 6 weeks of exciting interaction, and as I have always said... Learning will be mutual.

Welcome all the 30 PMP Certification Course participants.

Education Edge - Presenting Complex Reality  in a Simplified Form.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Our Organizations core values

For last 3 years, I have been busy forming a great team of consultants and acquiring talent. We trained over 200 consultants to take on leadership roles in almost every sector. Our consultants work with the top leadership and provide guidance and advice to the top leadership on defining and refining vision so organizational strategy could evolve. Our consulting and immigration company has experienced a growth spurt and we have tripled out operations in last 3 years. And our Education Company is one of the fastest growing company in Portfolio, Program, Project, Agile scrum and Business Analysis Education. 

The primary reason for this phenomenal success has been our vision with values which have remained client focused. Forming trust and demonstrating character forms the core of our organization. 

Hemant Dhariyal speaks to leadership in on one of the top financial institution on the importance of Benefit Management.

Monday, 23 April 2018

PGMP launch at Education Edge

I wanted to thank everyone for their support in helping me attain my PgMP. Passed it with ABOVE TARGET on all 5 critical domains. One of the toughest designations and really felt tested. Used all my 4 hours during the exam. 

Special thanks to DAVID ODIGIE, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, RMP, P3O, PMO CP, CBAP, CSM for his time and mentorship and Rachel Sidhu for assuming all the responsibilities of keeping everything up and running in my absence. 

Being in the business of Education and running successful consulting firms around the world, felt the pressure of expectations from all the well wishers and supporters and numerous students that look up to us as educators. 

Now that it’s done, the question is what’s next??

We launch first in class PgMP training in July 2018 at Education Edge Canada.

Saturday, 21 April 2018


March 17 course ended today and all 30 PMP Course participants are motivated to achieve their PMP IN NEXT 30 Days. 

DAVID ODIGIE, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, RMP, P3O, PMO CP, CBAP, CSM and Hemant Dhariyal enjoyed facilitating the PMP SESSIONS. Education Edge Canada continues to deliver groundbreaking education in Project Management, Program Management and Business Analysis.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Hemant on Self fulfilment

Feeling of self fulfillment is what turns a good day into a great day. One of the ways to achieve Self fulfillment is by delivering excellence and surpassing expectations. Whatever capacity we work in, as long as we continue to deliver value and remain productive, we will create an impact that will bring the desired change. 

In other words, the state of self fulfillment brings happiness and joy. To attain self fulfillment though, continuous self  introspection and adjustment to our behaviours and discipline is a must.

... “YOU EVEN BETTER” will be the outcome. 

The first step towards Self fulfillment is to surround your self with great people and de-clutter your life. Painful it may be to start with, as the time will progress and as you will evolve into the BETTER YOU, then it will be all worth it.

Hemant Dhariyal

Founder - Education Edge

Founder- Talent Connected World Wide

Monday, 16 April 2018


Education Edge PMP Prep Course Office Read - Project Stakeholder Management

Project Stakeholder Management

§  stakeholders are groups/individuals that may be directly or indirectly affected by the outcome of the project. The stakeholder may also affect the outcome by virtue of their influence or power, interest and

§  identify stakeholders is a continual process throughout the project lifecycle as some stakeholders may become irrelevant while new stakeholders may be identified as the project evolves

§  the Project Manager is responsible for the engaging and managing the various stakeholders in a project

§  identify stakeholders, communicate and engage them, manage expectations and focus on satisfaction

§  stakeholder satisfaction is a key project objective

Identify Stakeholders

§  Inputs: Project Charter, Business Documents, Project Management Plan, Project Documents, Agreements, EEF, OPA

§  Tools & Techniques: Expert Judgement, Data Gathering, Data Analysis, Data Representation, Meetings

§  Outputs: Stakeholder Register, Change Requests, Project Management Plan Update, Project Documents Update

§  identify stakeholders and document the importance/influence (=active involvement) /impact/interest/involvement of stakeholders/groups of stakeholders

§  stakeholders from procurement process and operation process needed to be included

§  agreements are used for determining external stakeholders such as the seller

§  Data Gathering Tools:

§  Questionnaires and surveys

§  Brainstorming

§  Data Analysis Techniques:

§  stakeholder analysis techniques

§  Interest, rights (legal or moral rights), power/interest, power/influence or impact/influence grid, salience model, prioritization, etc.

§  Data Representation Tools:

§  Power/interest grid, power influence grid or impact/influence grid (3 ‘I’s: importance, interest, influence)

§  determine the stakeholders’ hot buttons (what response in specific situations) and develop support strategies

§  stakeholders have the greatest influence in the initial stage of the project

§  stakeholder analysis matrix is part of the stakeholder management strategy (output of Identify Stakeholders Process)

§  Salience Model: describing stakeholders based on the power (influence), urgency and legitimacy

§  document only influential stakeholders if there is a large number of stakeholders

§  document the impact using a power/influence grid, power/interest grid, influence/impact grid, salience model

Plan Stakeholder Engagement (formerly Plan Stakeholder Management)

§  Inputs: Project Charter, Project Management Plan, Project Documents, Agreements, EEF, OPA

§  Tools & Techniques: Expert Judgement, Data Gathering, Data Analysis, Decision Making, Data Representation, Meetings

§  Outputs: Stakeholder Engagement Plan

§  strategies to engage stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle

§  Stakeholder Engagement Plan contains: current/desired engagement levels, scope and impact to stakeholders, interrelationships, communication requirements and forms, how to update the plan

§  The distribution of this plan requires precautions as the engagement level of stakeholders is a very sensitive information

§  Data Analysis Tools:

§  Assumptions and constraint analysis

§  Mind mapping

§  Root cause analysis

§  Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix: (C-current level, D-desired level)

§  SWOT analysis

§  Engagement Level

§  Unaware

§  Resistant: resistant to change

§  Neutral

§  Supportive: supportive of change

§  Leading: actively engaged in project success


Manage Stakeholder Engagement

§  Inputs: Project Management Plan, Project Documents, Agreements, EEF, OPA

§  Tools & Techniques: Expert Judgement, Communication Skills, Interpersonal and Team Skills, Ground Rules, Meetings

§  Outputs: Change Requests, Project Management Plan Update, Project Documents Update

§  ultimate aim is to increase support and minimize resistance from stakeholders by addressing issues with a view to increasing the success of the project

§  communicate and work with stakeholders to meet their needs/expectations and address issues

§  build trust and resolve conflicts, negotiation skills, communication skills

§  need to communicate bad news/issues in a timely manner (not to hide, not to delay)

§  the communication requirements of individual stakeholder are recorded in the Project Communication Plan

§  PM may call upon the sponsor for assistance

§  Ground rules are created to set the expected behaviour of project team members and other stakeholders (for stakeholder engagement)

§  the Issue Log (Action Item Log): to identify issues/define impacts, owner (most important element) and priority/with the due date

Monitor Stakeholder Engagement (formerly Control Stakeholder Engagement)

§  Inputs: Project Management Plan, Project Documents, Work Performance Data, EEF, OPA

§  Tools & Techniques: Data Analysis, Decision Making, Data Representation, Communication Skills, Interpersonal and Team Skills, Meetings

§  Outputs: Work Performance Information, Change Requests, Project Management Plan Update, Project Documents Update

§  monitor overall stakeholder relationships and adjusting strategies to achieve the desired level of stakeholder engagement

§  Decision-Making Tools:

§  Multi-criteria decision analysis

§  Voting